Body Parts in Amharic

Before we get started with today’s lesson, I would like to announce some changes. I have a created a quizlet class. This is where I will post all vocab words. Quizlet has games which allows you to learn the words quickly and effectively. If you go to the worksheet section, every lesson from now on will have a link that will take you to the quizlet set. By using quizlet I have taken out the quizzes that i used to post at the end of each blog. I noticed how I can’t possibly quiz you on everything, so why not let quizlet do it for me.

Today we will be talking about “The Body Parts”. Make sure that you have achieved a passing score on Lesson 1-4 review test. I know it was a bit lengthy, but it will test whether or not you are ready to move on to lesson 5.

Head: ራስ (Ras) or ጭንቅላት (Chinkellat)
Eye: አይን (Ayn)
Eyebrow: ቅንድብ (Kindib)
Nose: አፍንጫ (Afencha)
Mouth: አፍ (Af)
Lips: ከንፈር (Kenfer)
Ears: ጆሮ (Joro)
Teeth: ጥርስ (Tirs)
Hair: ጸጉር (Tsegur)
Forehead: ግንባር(Ginbar)
Tongue: ምላስ(Milas)
Cheek: ጉንጭ (Gonch)
Chin: አገጭ (Agech)
Neck: አንገት (Anget)
Throat: ጉሮሮ (Guroro)
Shoulder: ትከሻ (Tikesha)
Arm: ክንድ (Kend)
Hand: እጅ (Ej)
Thumb: አውራ ጣት ( Awra Tat)
Finger: ጣት (Tat)
Fingernail: ጥፍር (Tifir)
Armpit: ብብት (Bebit)
Back: ጀርባ (Jerba)
Waist: ወገብ (Wegeb)
Stomach: ሆድ (Hod)
Leg: እግር (Egir)
Thigh: ታፋ (Tafa)
Knee: ጉልበት (Gulbet)
Ankle: ቁርጭምጭሚት (Qur-chm-chm-mit)

All of the words are in the singular form. We will learn about the plural form later on.


That would be it for today’s lesson. Be sure to go to the worksheets section to find the practice for today’s lesson. Also be sure to join our class on quizlet.


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