Greetings in French:

Have you ever traveled to a French-speaking country and heard somebody greeting you without you knowing how to respond? Have you ever wished to greet your French neighbor in his own language?

French greetings are not so difficult in and of themselves but the pronunciation can be difficult that’s why my first video was about the French alphabet.

Let’s get started! the famous formal greeting is: “bonjour”: the prononciation of the french “r” looks like the german pronunciation of “ch” as in the word “achtung” but in French, the sound is a little bit lighter.


This is a short video about how to pronounce French sounds:

Then, when we greet somebody during the afternoon, we usually say “bon après-midi” and when it’s evening, we say “bonsoir”. Lastly, before going to bed, French people usually say: “bonne nuit”.

But when we are closer to people, like our family and our friends, we tell them “salut” or “coucou” (=hey).

When we leave people we can tell them:

  1. “Au revoir”→ formal
  2. “A bientôt” (= see you soon)
  3. “A plus tard” or “A plus”→ the second one is used with people we know well
  4. “Salut”
  5. “A demain” (= see you tomorrow) or “On se voit demain/dans une semaine (= in a week) /dans un mois (= in a month)

A useful link:

A video:



Introduction to the French language:

What is French? Where is it spoken? Why should I learn it? All of these questions are questions all of you may wonder. First of all, French is a language based on Latin so if you already speak Spanish or Italian, learning French should be easier. Secondly, French is spoken all over the world: In Europe, Quebec, Pacific Ocean, Vietnam, Morocco, Africa…: it can be a serious advantage for you in your studies, work and even if you’re just traveling. We propose you a fun way of learning different languages using videos, articles, useful links, Power points and other amazing tools you may not even think about!