Foods in Amharic Part 2

Welcome everyone to part 9 of the learn Amharic series. Today, we will do part 2 of foods in Amharic. If you have not read the first part yet, you can do so here.

Potato: ድንች (DI-NI-CH)
Sweet Potato: ስኳር ድንች (SE-KUA-R DI-NI-CH)
Carrot: ካሮት (KA-RO-T)
Pumpkin: ዱባ (DU-BA)
Beet: ቀይ ስር (KY-SIR)
Pepper: ቃርያ (KA-R-YA)
Ginger: ዝንጅብል (ZIN-GI-BIL)
Garlic: ነጭ ሽንኩርት (NE-CH SHIN-KUR-T)
Onion: ሽንኩርት (SHIN-KUR-T)
Mushroom: እንጉዳይ (EN-GU-DYE)
Lettuce: ሰላጣ (SE-LA-TA)
Collard Greens: ጎመን (GO-ME-N)
Cabbage: ጥቅል ጎመን (TI-KEL-GO-ME-N)
Rosemary: ሮዝሚር (RO-Z-ME-RRY)
Corn: በቆሎ (BE-KO-LO)
Peas: አተር (A-TE-R)
Lentils: ምስር (MI-SIR)
Beans: ባቄላ (BA-KE-LA)
Tomato: ቲማቲም (TI-MA-TI-M)
Strawberry: እንጆሪ (IN-JO-RI)
Pineapple: አናናስ (A-NA-NA-S)
Peach: ኮክ (KO-K)
Mango: ማንጎ (MAN-GO)
Lemon: ሎሚ (LO-ME)
Apple: ፓም (PO-M)
Orange: ብርቱካን (BIR-TU-KA-N)
Grapes: ወይን (WEY-N)
Banana: ሙዝ (MOO-Z)
Avocado: አቡካዶ (A-BOO-KA-DO)
Stew: ወጥ (W-ET)
Peanuts: ኦቾሎኒ (OH-CHO-LO-NI)
To be hungry: መራብ (ME-RA-B)
To eat: መብላት (ME-BE-LA-T)
To be thirsty: መቲማት (ME-T-MA-T)
Are you hungry?:ርቦሃል? (E-RE-BO-HA-L)Male
አርባሻለ (E-RE-BO-SH-L)Female
አርቧችወሌ (E-RE-BWA-CHU-WA-L)Plural
Are you thirsty?: ተጠምተሃል (TE-ME-TO-HA-L)Male
ተጠምተሻል (TE-ME-TO-SHA-L)Female
ተምቷቹሀሌ (TE-ME-TWA-CHU-HA-L)Plural
I’m full: ጠገብኩ (TE-GE-BE-KU)

Breakfast: ቁርስ (KU-RI-S)
Lunch: ምሳ (MI-SA)
Dinner: እራት (E-RAT)
Snack time: መክሰስ (ME-K-SE-S)



Introduction to the English language

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